About US

About Us

Since 2008, Capitol Area Technology has established itself as a global leader in distributing new, refurbished and used semiconductor & manufacturing spare parts and components. Based out of the enterprising state of Texas, CAT has curated industry standards by providing our customers with quality products and a hands-on customer service style. We are expanding our resources by opening up our catalog to encompass more than just semiconductor specifics. Operating with a high caliber inventory gives our customers easy access to hard-to-find parts and cost-effective solutions for maintaining their systems.

Capitol Area Technology has created multiple mediums for our customers to have access to the +500,000 products we offer. Whether it's buying directly from our site, eBay, filling out one of our Request Forums or giving our office a call, our promise to you is that our team never stops working to bring you the highest quality products and services. Our organization carries out extensive research to identify the products that best serve the needs of our customers and give them a strategic, competitive edge. We have partnered with only the highest quality manufacturers & OEMs operating in the semiconductor industry and beyond.

We Can't Stop There!

Capitol Area Technology is excited to now start offering our customers Repair Solutions for their semiconductor equipment. Reduce the amount of downtime by maximizing the lifespan of your legacy systems with our roster of expert engineering services. Our goal is to lead the pack yet again with aid services that enhance productivity & lower production costs.

The Future Of CAT

Everything is bigger in Texasโ€”and it just keeps getting bigger! Our ever-growing inventory and expanding offerings are pushing us out of our current location, and we couldnโ€™t be more excited. CAT plans to move to a larger facility within the next two years to help accommodate our growth and the increasing demand from our customers.

What this means for youโ€”in the next coming years Capitol Area Technology will continue to support and service our customers as we increase the number of products and benefits available to you.

We Want to Hear From You!

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For phone calls, our business hours are 7AM-4PM CST, Monday-Friday. The direct line is (512) 894 2060. You can also email us at, [email protected] and a real person will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

We look forward to doing business with you!